Aqua One MiniReef 120 Marine Tank Including Accessories (black)AQUARIUM + CABINET L60xW45xH80cm

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MiniReef 120 Marine Set 120L 60L X 45D X 45 80cm HThe Aqua One MiniReef is a complete reef aquariumsystem consisting of high quality accessories thathelp to provide an ideal habitat for marine fish andcorals. The in-sump filtration system keeps equipmentout of sight, providing optimum viewing conditions foryour aquarium.Features & Benefits:Inbuilt filtration system eliminates unsightlypiping running from outside of tank to filter unit.Comes with an Aqua One Filter Sock.The included protein skimmer is designed toeasily and effectively remove organic wastefrom aquarium water. The needle wheel impellerreduces bubbles size, increasing contact areabetween air and water, maximising efficiency.Simple accurate control allows you to adjust theoutput quickly and easily. The result is cleaner,clearer and healthier aquarium inhabitants.The included light unit provides an energyefficient lighting solution that enhances thecolours of fish in the aquarium, whilst providinga spectrum that enhances coral growth. The lightbracket is adjustable.High quality low iron white glass to ensureoptimum clarity.The overflow has a black acrylic cover with laseredoverflow grill. The tank has a black vinyl laminateto enhance tank depth and hide unsightly cords.Cabinet included.Refugium section available in the MiniReef 120.Available in black and white:53419BK - MiniReef 120 Marine Set 120L 60L X 45D X 45 / 80cm H Black53419WH - MiniReef 120 Marine Set 120L 60L X 45D X 45 / 80cm H WhiteSuitable for:Marine & Coral ReefType:MarineColour:Black or WhiteDimension:60W X 45D X 45 + 80cm HVol. (L):120Lighting:25W LEDFiltration:Sump with Filter SockFlow Rate:2200L/hrVoltage:220 ~ 240V ACHeating:Glass HeaterPower:200W

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