Aquamaxx Dosing Container

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OverviewJNS Dosing Containers are stackable supplement storage solutions that connect to your dosing pump so you can automate supplementation and keep your aquarium water parameters stable at all times. JNS Dosing Containers are made using the same polished cell-cast acrylic we use to build our protein skimmers, media reactors and calcium reactors. You can use JNS Dosing Containers to dose 2-part calcium/alkalinity additives, trace elements, magnesium, strontium or just about any liquid supplement for your aquarium.HighlightsJNS Dosing Containers have a tubeless design to make adding your favorite supplements quick and easyjust lift the lid and pour your 2-part solution or other aquarium additive right inside the container. JNS Dosing Containers feature a sleek, space-saving design and are stackable so you can run multiple units in a compact combination. Our dosing containers are available in two sizes1.5 liters and 3.0 litersand have a bottom exit so the liquid inside will be drained/dispensed completely. They also include a graduated metric scale built in for easy measuring.Specifications: Capacity: 1.5L Footprint: 5" x 6" Chamber Diameter: 4" Height: 10.25"

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