Easy Led Universal 2.0 438mm Freshwater

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With the Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal 2.0, the existing LED series from Aquatlantis has been consequently further developed. In addition to an improved aluminum profile for better heat dissipation and a new lens cover with 120° beam angle, the Aquatlantis Easy LED 2.0 now has 2 separately controllable channels. In conjunction with the new Aquatlantis Luminus Controller, natural lighting scenarios for your aquarium are possible. In addition to sunrises and sunrises, as well as individual brightness settings (0-100%), clouds and storm simulations can also be set. A bluetooth interface connects the Luminus controller to a smartphone or tablet. The Aquatlantis Easy LED Universal 2.0 LED Lightbar can be individually mounted: either in an existing T5 or T8 fluorescent lamp, with the extendable brackets directly on the aquarium frame or with the optional suspension set as a hanging lamp above the aquarium.

Key Features:

  • can be installed between existing T5 or T8 sockets.
  • with extendable brackets for the glass frame.
  • brackets extendable up to 16 cm on each side.
  • suspesion set optionally available.
  • incl. power supply.
  • aluminium housing for a great heat dissipation.
  • beam angle of the reflector 120°.
  • low energy consumption.
  • long lifetime.
  • 24 V security low voltage.
  • 2 separately controllable channels.
  • Luminus smart LED controller optionally.
  • Y-Cable included

Easy LED 590 mm: Length: 590 mm, replacement for 28 W T5 or 15 W T8 power consumption: approx. 28 W, Lumen: 2433, 24V-1.5A.

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