Spaghnum Moss 100g

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Sphagnum-Moss is 100 % natural moss for the terrarium in the form of a compact tile.

The Sphagnum-Moss tile swells up by adding ca. 1.5 liters of tepid water which actually produces ca. 4.5 liters of ready to use moss from such a small size.

It is ideally suitable for raising the humidity in the terrarium and keeping it stable over a longer period.

Especially those terrarium inhabitants with high humidity requirements appreciate its qualities.

Sphagnum-Moss has enormously versatile uses whether required to facilitate moulting for snakes and lizards, as padding in the so-called wet box or as a substrate for the deposit of eggs as well as for decoration.

Plants also appreciate Sphagnum-Moss as it offers a perfect nutrient-rich basis.

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