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The Moonlight LED offers the ideal lighting, particularly for observing crepuscular and nocturnal animals, as it simulates natural moonlight.
These moonlight LED spotlights, with their special spectrum, are considered a gem among terrarium lamps. They produce a blueish shimmering light which transforms the terrarium into a wonderful nocturnal landscape.
The energy-efficient and power-saving Moonlight LED consumes only about 3W and therefore saves nearly 80% in energy costs compared to conventional moonlight spotlights. In doing so, the Moonlight LED emits hardly any heat and therefore does not have an effect on reptiles' reduction in temperature at night, which is crucial for many species. Nocturnal lighting which simulates moonlight also stimulates mating behaviour in many animals and makes foraging easier.
And the best thing about it is that you can watch your pets' nightly spectacle without disturbing the animals.

  • 3W LED for simulating moonlight
  • Ideal for observing crepuscular and nocturnal animals
  • Low heat emission thanks to particularly energy-saving LED technology
  • Also suitable for smaller terraria due to its compact dimensions
  • Suitable for all standard E27 sockets
  • Does not emit UV radiation and no electrical ballast is required
  • Also ideal for amphibians
  • Stimulates breeding behaviour and aids foraging
  • Tested quality and long service life of over 30,000 operating hours
Hint: We recommend using a lampshade for operation in tropical terraria (i.e. the HOBBY Clamp Lamp) so that no drops of water can get inside the spotlight.

*Not suitable as room lighting.

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