Thermo Spotlight ECO 70W

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"The new halogen thermo spotlight is used to set up basking places just like the role model nature does. The bundled light radiation cone makes the lamp ideal for thermophile reptiles and allows them to regulate their heat through selective basking. The animals' vitality is boosted at the same time by increasing the ambient air temperature. In addition, the natural behaviour of the animals in your care is stimulated by the integrated UV-A component. To top it all, these benefits are achieved with energy savings of around 30 % as compared to conventional light bulbs. This is not only friendly to the environment but also to your purse.

Benefits of Thermo Spotlight Eco:

  • modern and efficient combination of heat and light integrated in a single lamp that is finely balanced to meet the needs of the animals.
  • particularly energy-efficient with approx. 30 % energy savings as compared to conventional light bulbs.
  • bundled light radiation cone, ideal for thermophile reptiles.
  • for setting up basking spots to be used by the animals for heat regulation as in their natural environment.
  • increases the ambient air temperature and thus the animals' vitality.
  • UV- A component stimulates the natural behaviour of the animals in your care.

Tested quality with a long life of around 2,000 operating hours.

Colour temperature 2,794 Kelvin.

Colour rendition 99.4 Ra Luminous flux 773.36 lm.

lm conforms to energy efficiency class C.

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