Clamp Lamp 14 cm

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The Clamp Lamp is the right choice for a safe and reliable lamp holder for your terrarium. The heat-resistant ceramic socket with E27 thread is suitable for all standard incandescent lamps, radiant lamps and UV lamps. The robust aluminium lampshade is fitted inside with a highly reflective coating to get the best possible effect when lighting the terrarium. With the attached mounting clip and its 360 ° rotatable ball joint, the Clamp Lamp can be attached to one side of the terrarium in a targeted way to optimally illuminate the terrarium.

The mounting brackets on the mounting clip guarantee a secure hold. With the help of the switch, the Clamp Lamp can be switched on and off easily. Alternatively, a timer switch such as the HOBBY Terra Timer pro (art. no.: 36155) can be used for automatic control. With the Clamp Lamp Protector (art. no. 37066 for 14 cm/ 37067 for 21 cm), available as an optional extra, the terrarium inhabitants are guaranteed the highest level of protection against burning.

cable length 1.80 m

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