JBL pond net S coarse 40x35x195cm

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For catching pond fish gently with coarse and black net. Also very suitable for collecting leaves.

Very durable, as the net is attached to the aluminium holder INSIDE (edge protection). Telescopic handle extendable from 95-160 cm. Total length max. 195 cm.
Extremely stable net with 4-point mounting on the extendable aluminium handle.

Mesh size 4.0 mm. Net: 40x35 cm.

Stem has secure foam grip to preclude slipping. Sturdy 1.1 cm thick red aluminium net mounting (not clearly visible to fish). The net is attached from the inside so that it cannot be damaged from the outside.

Packaging content: 1 coarse, 40x35 cm large, black net with extendable telescopic handle.

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