Maxspect Coral Box Set

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Complete Coral Box Set from Maxspect

Coral Tweezers
Coral tweezers made of high-strength carbon fiber for the gentle handling of corals. Due to the light carbon fiber, the tweezers have buoyancy and float on the water surface. 
- 35.7cm

Coral Gluegun
The Maxspect Coral Glue Gun is a unique system that distributes a fast-drying gel, with a high consistency, ideal for gluing fragments of coral, even the largest ones.

Nano Tech Bio-plug
- Extremely porous, Stimulates Coral Growth & serves as Bio-media

Coral handsaw
- Maxpsect Coral Hand Saw is a fragging tool to take on serious coral cuts. The Saw blde is treated with an Anti-Corrosion coating. Handle is made with surgical grade stainless steel.

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