Maxspect RSX R5-200 Marine

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RSX R5-200 Marine

- Lightweight Architectural Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
- Aerodynamic Passive Cooling Design
- On-Board Advanced Controller with LED Display
- Wireless Controllability with iOS and Android Devices
- Connect and Control up to 32 RSX Fixtures
- Enhances Coral Growth & Coloration
- Utilizes the 410/420nm Spectrum
- 4 Programmable Color Channels
- Mimic Nature from Dawn to Dusk
- Includes Tank-top Mounting Legs
- Utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E & XP-E LED chips

- Dimensions: 83.9x26x17cm
- Weight: 4Kg
- Suitable for tanks: 85-120cm
- Rate Power: 195W
- Input: 4A/115VAC, 2.2A/220VAC
- OutputL 24V/8.8A

LED-Cluster: 5
- Channel A: each 8x 450-455nm Royal Blue, 6500k Cool White
- Channel B: each 16x 450-455nm Royal Blue, 470-475nm Cool Blue
- Channel C: each 4x 470-475nm Cool Blue, 400-405nm Violet, 410-415nm Violet, 440-445nm Deep Blue
- Channel D: 4x 500-505nm Cyan, 4x 660-665nm Deep Red, 8x 3000K Warm White

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