Lance Fish 100g

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General information:

Lance fish are small, elongated fish that occur naturally in large schools in shallow sandy areas. They are a natural well-balanced meal for predator type carnivorous fish. They are collected and immediately fresh frozen to maintain all of the available nutrients.

Ingredients: Hypomesus sp.

Recommended For: Asian Arowana, Brackish Water Fish, Stonefish, Oddballs, Blowfish, Mudskipper, South-American Cichlids, Stingrays, Sharks - Rays, South American Arowana, Groupers, Lionfish - Stonefish, Box-, Blow- and Pufferfish, Turtles, Cichlids, Basslets, Lionfish, Boxfish, Rays, Lungfish, Pufferfish, Triggerfish, Piranha, Sharks, Electric Fish, Piranha's, Basslets - Groupers, Polypterus.

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