AquaVitro Synthesis 350mL

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Synthesis is a concentrated (30,000 mg/L N) nitrogen source. synthesis is unique in that it provides nitrogen in all three forms.

Nitrogen comes in a variety of forms (nitrate, ammoniacal, urea). While plants can use all three forms the form that is preferred varies by species. Thus nitrogen supplements derived solely from just one form (nitrates) will not be as effective as a supplement that provides all three forms.

  • Premium AquaVitro line
  • Concentrated (30,000 mg/L N) nitrogen source
  • Synthesis of ammoniacal, nitrate, and organic nitrogen
  • Use with Activate to provide nitrogen and phosphorus in a 5:1 N:P ratio
Use 5mL per 680L (180 US gallons) twice a week (or as needed). This dose increases total nitrogen by 0.24 mg/L. This is the same amount of nitrogen that would be present if all nitrogen were present in the nitrate form at 1 mg/L. Because not all nitrogen is in the nitrate form, you will measure a 0.25 mg/L nitrate increase immediately after dosing.

When used with aquavitro's phosphorus supplement, Activate, at the same dose (5 mL/180 US gallons) both products provide nitrogen and phosphorus in a 5:1 N:P ratio.

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