Syncra SDC Pump 7.0 with Wifi Controller 24V/50-60Hz 3m EU

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New generation of SDC pumps controllable by using a remote controller or with the smartphone by free download of the new app. Thanks to the WI-FI technology of the capacitive controller, Syncra SDC pumps guarantee an unmatched versatility in advanced applications and medium to large professional aquariums. The new APP ContrALL,with free download from IOS (App Store) and Android (GooglePlay), makes it possible to control from any part of the world, the pump in use in the own aquarium, customizing, according to needs, a number of technical parameters.

Q-Max: 3000-7000 l/h H-Max: 500 cm Voltage / Hertz; 24V/50-60HZ 20-65 watts

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