Aqua One AquaReef 400 Marine Set (series 2) 128x50x70cm H (white)) CABINET + AQUARIUM

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Aqua Reef 400 S2 Marine Set (127L x 50D x 70cm + 80cm H)The Aqua One AquaReef 195,300 & 400 Series 2 has everything you need in order for you to enjoy a slice of the coral reef in your home or workplace. The AquaReef series 2 is a sophisticated marine system that has been rigorously designed and tested to ensure that your marine setup will run efficiently, and provide you with exceptional water quality.Features & Benefits:New features compared to AquaReef Series 1: 1st Series has a wet/dry filter and T5 Lighting 2nd Series has a versatile refugium sump and LED LightingHigh quality low iron white glass to ensure optimum clarity.Inbuilt filtration system eliminates unsightly piping running from outside of tank to filter unit. Comes with an Aqua One Filter Sock.The included LED light unit provides an energy efficient lighting solution, which enhances the colours of fish in the aquarium, whilst providing a spectrum that enhances coral growth.Cabinet comes assembled, and is exclusively manufactured from alloy frame and plastics, to ensure maximum resistance to salt and moisture damage normally associated with marine aquariums.Sump incorporates refugium section and top up reservoir.All plumbing is included.Replacement Parts / Media:25017I - Impeller Set - 3600 Series 17i (Moray)50103 - Replacement Filter SockSuitable for:Marine and Fresh waterAvailable in different colours:53439WH -Aqua reef 400 S2 Marine Set WHITE53439BK -Aqua reef 400 S2 Marine Set BLACK

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