Hygro System

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The Easy Rain is a modern and reliable high performance irrigation system. Ideally suited to supplying your terrarium and its inhabitants and plants with the necessary moisture. The large water reservoir with 9 litre capacity is even enough to provide moisture to larger terraria or small greenhouses for continuous operation over several days. And here the water reservoir can be easily filled from above through an opening without opening the irrigation system. The Easy Rain can be extended by up to 6 nozzles. As such, several terraria can be supplied with moisture at the same time. You can adapt the spray time and spray intervals individually to your needs. For small terraria, the spray power can also be easily adjusted to stop it from raining too much. The spray nozzles included spray the water in a fine mist like in nature. This way you can effortlessly achieve the desired humidity in your terrarium. This stimulates the vitality of the tropical inhabitants and promotes their breeding behaviour. The right terrarium climate also plays a big role in the growth of terrarium plants like mosses, bromeliads or orchids. With the Easy Rain you can create THE perfect climate in your terrarium! incl. hose cutter / 5.5 m pressure hose 4/6 mm / fine filter / 2 spray nozzles / end piece / 9 litre water reservoir.

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