Vitalis Marine Pellets 8mm (M+) 20kg

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Vitalis’ Marine Pellets is a balanced feed for all marine fish with a high protein content and a good concentration of astaxanthin, though, curiously, this characteristic is not promoted.

As you already know, pellets are made at low temperatures. This feature makes it the best feed for aquariums, even better than the granular type. It’s less polluting compared to frozen food and it doesn’t even have the “cold chain” problem. Moreover, it saves almost all the nutritive properties that otherwise are lost with a high temperature treatment, used for creating other types of food and it’s produced at even lower temperatures than the granulate feeds.

Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition is a brand of the English WorldFeed, a company specialized in feeds; the producer both materially creates and sells the feed. A good start.


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